Inspired By Nature

Elementica’s design is master-minded by renowned architect Albert France-Lanord

The office of Albert France-Lanord is responsible for the visually striking appearance of most of our parent company Bahnhof’s modern and secure installations. With Elementica we aim to bring our thinking even further as we now have the opportunity of building everything anew from the ground-up. The main building is inspired by diverse sources, including the ground-breaking italian design office Superstudio, as well as modern machine estetics, brutalism and digital moiré.

A selection of sources inspiring the design of Elementica.

Elementica will feature a through-coloured facade material called Equitone. Every Equitone natural panel is unique, subtly displaying the raw texture of the core fiber cement for a crisp, monolithic look. The material comes in a large panel size and can be transformed into any size or shape in the workshop or on site.


Through a thourough design process involving the local community and the city planning office Elementica will blend into the local infrastructure while at the same time exhibiting the city of Stockholm’s forward-looking and green state of mind. As such the Elementica concept will function as a green hub in the area, not only delivering heat to near-by households but also lightening up the passage way for motorists as well as offering our own top floor green grow-house café.

Visit our top floor green grow-house to have a coffee and locally grown edibles while enjoying the view, close to the waters separating the inner city from the island of Lidingö.
Cut-out from one of our parent company’s current data center installations.

Elementica will be as practical and beautiful inside as it is outside. We take great stride to provide our customers with safe, spacious and comfortable working environments for quick and easy access.

Adjacent office space can be arranged close to our delivery bay connected to the top floor of Elementica.

We’ll update this space with more info on construction as our new central and climate positive data center takes shape. In the meantime read more on how we integrate our own innovative and green solutions here or check out our offers on data and computing space today.