City Planning

How can a central location reduce data center costs?

Elementica is part of a new and modern harbor city that is currently being built on the old industrial grounds of northeast inner city Stockholm.

Thanks to Elementica’s central location and connection to the city’s heating system we can offer better prices and a better deal for the environment.

Elementica (in orange) will be situated near-by office space and the local subway station Ropsten. Blue line indicates a new bicycle lane.

The new parts of our beautiful town is expected to house up to 50.000 new households including office space for around 35.000 workers. A majority of them are connected to the city’s central district heating system. Elementica also enjoys the nearby fiber backbone in one of Europe’s best connected Internet hubs, as well as its parent company Bahnhof’s expertise in providing IT services, low latency and high-capacity routing solutions.

The lot where Elementica will be raised is situated between the current living quarters of Hjorthagen, the subway station Ropsten and the newly built roadway to the adjacent island of Lidingö.

Pipes are laid to and from the local power station (run by Fortum) and Elementica will be easily accessible by car, train, bus, bicycle, drone and foot.

Great care has been taken to preserve the local forests and to introduce a new green corridor along the historical Oak tree park and the new area north of the Elementica lot (“Starkströmmen 1”).

Skärmavbild 2016-05-26 kl. 09.25.30The internet hub of northern Europe

Stockholm’s IT infrastructure has grown for decades and matured into the main junction for data traffic throughout northern Europe, serving traffic to all corners of the world with low latency. As Elementica is part of the Bahnhof group we’re continuously investing in network infrastructure and we’re always over-invested in capacity to be able to take on new customers quickly (all our current customers enjoy this overcapacity for no extra charge).

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