Elementica visits the Data Centre World conference in London

Elementica’s and Bahnhof’s CTO Gustav Bergquist walks and talks the aisles of data center equipment exhibitors at the Data Centre World conference in London, April 12-13.

Few care about marketing the environmental aspects of their data center installations. This becomes obvious to anyone visiting a current data center exhibition. The logical conclusion is that few even think about the environment when building their giant heat-generating server “plants” all over the world.

A typical cloud marketing operation at a typical data center exhibition. It looks green, but look closer. There is nothing green about this operation.

Today Elementica has no competitors or peers when it comes to re-using the heat generated in modern data centers. The Elementica concept is sorely needed if humanity expects to decrease the negative impacts the “virtual” world is imposing on our planet. According to the latest calculations data centers now generate more global warming pollution than all air travel combined.

We look forward to presenting our concept and our unique solutions on conferences to come.