Climate Positive®

Elementica conforms to the top class energy certification for data centers

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Get certified.

Elementica adheres to the strict requirements of the Triple Green certification. These include;

  1. The data center must be powered by renewable energy only.
  2. Heat from the servers is collected and used for heating of nearby households and/or offices.
  3. The household/office heating replaces other energy sources, and everyone profits in the process.

Spreading excess heat in nature is irresponsible!

Data centers are giant radiators – they generate huge amounts of heat. Many data centers vent out that heat in the atmosphere, which is both unnecessary and irresponsible. Sweden is a cold country and Stockholm has the world’s largest distribution network for district heating. Elementica’s solutions are perfectly developed and adapted for city locations.

Elementica connects to the near-by city’s central heating system.

Let your data center warm up people’s houses

Triple Green-certified facilities lead the heat generated in data centers into a central heating system, where it is used to warm up households, work spaces and tap water. Everyone benefits from this (except old and dirty data center providers who do not live up to the Triple Green standards).

When you place your data and computing-intensive applications in an Elementica data center you move those processing tasks from less environmentally-friendly data centers, resulting in a climate positive effect.

Secure and stable environment

EU_electricity_price_projectionSweden is a secure and politically stable environment, with strong data protection laws. The country’s long-term projected electricity price and availability have already convinced a multitude of IT-related companies to place their northern HQ:s and data centers within Sweden’s borders. The country has also steadily added green and renewable energy sources over the last two decades. All official calculations and projections support these numbers, guaranteeing predictable electricity price and connectivity in the northern region.

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