Let Your Data Help Reduce Global Warming

The perfect place for a data center? Let us show you.

Agreements with the city of Stockholm and the energy providers are already signed – we have already cut 100% of the Swedish red tape. We offer various alternatives for “greenfield operation” – contact us to visit the location. Build in-house or rent Tier 3 facility from Elementica. It’s your choice. Heat recovery on a large scale possible through fully developed district heating. 

Elementica can host any type of computing equipment and thrives when offering capacity to those who need to increase their power usage (and heat generation) per cabinet well above the industry average of around 5-7 kw per cabinet. If you need to generate 10-15 kw or more per cabinet you’ll have a hard time finding anything that can better Elementica – and the increased power usage is a win-win for the local community as well as for you.

Thanx to our heat recovery solutions we can offer better rates on electricity than our competitors (as cooling is included in the price), all the while offering fully green and climate positive data center services.

For the right customers we’ll even offer hosting your hardware at below market rates from today when reserving space in Elementica (we place your hardware in one of our current heat recovery installations in central Stockholm).

When you choose Elementica you’re not only getting the best deal for your CFO, CMO and the environment, you’ll also enjoy easy and quick access to your equipment thanks to our central Stockholm location.

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Co-location/full cage proposals include:
– 21+ MW Data Center in central Stockholm, Sweden
– Tier 3 equivalent
– Purpose built for heat recovery
– Excellent fiber connectivity
– Your own keys to secure cages – at 0.5 MW each, perfectly rated for 40 high-capacity cabinets per cage
– Get up and running with the Elementica heat recovery concept in one of Bahnhof’s current facilities right now, at below current market rates, when signing up for Elementica
– Bahnhof is in the process of analyzing and implementing ISO27001 and several other standards and already complies with the Triple Green-certification
– Flexible power circuits ranging from 1×1-­ph 16A up to 2×3-­ph 32A
– Significant reduction in energy pricing to the customer (the more heat you can generate the less you’ll have to pay for electricity)


Our service staff offers 24×7 maintenance and installation work onsite to support your technical personnel with the following services:

• Basic observation of physical attributes on customer infrastructure; observing and describing equipment indicator lights
• Pushing a button or switching a toggle; power cycling (e.g. turning equipment off and on), hard reboot of servers
• Verifying power or patch connections
• Set-­up pre-­configured patch connections between defined patch destinations (patch fields)
• Labelling of customer equipment
• Documentation, e.g. scan of delivery notifications
• Administration of customer provided tapes: Reception, documentation, shipment or storage in defined storage media/ facilities
• Change of pre-­labelled customer provided storage media
• Installation of hot-­plug components (break fix; physical installation without switching off or doing any configuration changes to customer’s equipment)
• These services can be ordered ad-­hoc or be included in your agreement


Consumed power is charged per energy meter installed on all main feeds to a cabinet. Power is available on both floating and fixed contracts for the agreement duration. Elementica can upon request provide the customer with a quotation on energy at a 5-year fixed contract. Please feel free to elaborate on your requirements on this aspect.

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Get certified.

No minimum commitment for power consumption is applied. Elementica guarantees the lowest price on floating power consumption for data centers in Sweden. This is possible thanks to the Triple Green configuration.

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