Elementica’s infrastructure visualized as physical 3D-projections

In collaboration with the Digital Art Center at Stockholms University we’ve produced a unique new solution to visualizing infrastructure using high-precision projectors in tandem with real physical 3D-models.

The result is a stunning environment (about 2 x 2 meters) where we can change colors, patterns and images on surfaces in three dimensions. As these projections handle video we’re also able to show how, for instance, water and heat travel from the nearby city’s central heating system, through our data processing plant and into the local heating plant. We’re also able to display changes throughout the day, windows closing and opening on near-by buildings or how the area will look in different lights and seasons.

If you’d like to take a closer look at how this new breed of data centers help saving the environment, all the while looking good it in too themselves, please get in touch!